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Gurney's Inn Has Not Been Sold, Says Management

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Rumors had been swirling that Gurney's Inn, a Montauk landmark since 1926, has been sold. On Monday afternoon, the resort issued a press release stating that "Currently conversations are taking place between Gurney's timeshare owners and a potential investor. At this point we are not at liberty to discuss those conversations."

Gurney's was founded in 1926 by Maude Gurney. Nick Monte purchased it in 1956, and it is still managed by the Monte family. It became a timeshare co-op in 1982, and over the years, various hotel chains were supposed to have considered purchasing, but none have bitten. (Fun fact: legendary comedian Fred Allen wrote about staying at Gurney's in 1944: "You can not only hear a pin drop here; you can sense the rustle of the fabric of the sleeve as the person's arm is raised to drop the pin.")
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