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Jeffrey Collé Builds More Modest Mansion in Water Mill

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Here's another gambreled new mansion by builder Jeffrey Collé. However, it's half the size of some of his other projects, coming in at a comparatively cozy 8000 square feet and on a fairly modest 1.56 acre lot for a relatively low price of $9.995M. It does overlook 33 acres of reserved farmland, though. Inside, it's the usual high-end look: Carrera marble, wide-plank floors, lots of fireplaces, coffered ceilings, and so on. There are seven bedrooms and ten baths. One nice touch is the low-carbon footprint design, with solar panels, a geothermic HVAC system, and a hydronic heating system.

The property also contains the hamlet's oldest home, reportedly built in the early-to-mid 1700s by David Halsey, for whom the lane was named, who was the grandson of Thomas Halsey, one of the original settlers of Southampton. David (1663-1731), his son Abraham ("Abram") (1695/6-1759) and grandson David (1722-1805) were all active Southampton citizens. Abram helped lay out the lots for the Quogue Purchase and Topping Purchase.

The old house is typical of those built around 1750, with a central fireplace, rubble stone foundation, and wide plank floors. Generations of Halseys lived there for nearly 200 years; it was occupied by farm workers throughout most of the 20th century and then was sold in 2007. The house's original structure and interiors will be maintained.
· David's Lane [Corcoran via HREO]