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The post about Indian Wells Beach generated a number of comments. One person said, "Agreed that the beach has become an absolute shitshow. For better or worse there probably does need to be some degree of crowd control, real alcohol enforcement (fines, ejections), parking/traffic control, and perhaps also sectioning off a family section. Sad but if you are over say 27 and went here on any Saturday or Sunday last summer you'd agree." The next commenter agreed: "So true. At that tender age, I was hanging on Asparagus Beach, but I have to say that I know that this level of really rude and loud behavior was not part of the scene so many years ago. Maybe we did so many drugs the night before that we just wanted to come to the beach and chill a bit. But I know for certain that vast amounts of alcohol during the day was not being consumed, we were too busy trying to look pretty and meet a future husband or wife, with the occasional hookup. I know this will generate some replies, but the daytripping scene and the taxi dropoffs at Indian Wells are a huge part of the current problem. We may have been living in share houses with 8 or 10 people (not 20), but we were invested in the community, which is why I purchased a house in Amagansett, and am now a sedate homeowner watching this situation with both dismay and a degree of bemusement." [Curbed Comments]