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Of Course You Need a Disco, Horse Stall, and Putting Green in Your Summer Rental

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As a hard-working billionaire, you have special rich-folks requirements when looking for your summer Hamptons rental. Here at Curbed, your wish is our command. The following are some rentals that can satisfy needs we overheard at our last polo match. Sadly, we weren't able to find a house with a dungeon to imprison your rebellious board members and troublesome ex. Or maybe it's just that the rentals with dungeons have been scooped up already.

Overheard: "Misty goes where I go!"
Need: Stabling
Town: Water Mill
Price: $199,000 (MD-LD)
This "award-winning chateau" (a log chateau?) has a stall "available for your use." Er, surely it's for your horse's use?

Overheard: "Daft Punk is playing at my house!"
Need: In-house bar and disco
Town: Bridgehampton
Price: July: $550,000; Aug-LD: $550,000
Sandcastle offers "virtual golf, skateboard half pipe, rock climbing wall, media room w/5 plasma TV's, squash and racket ball court, 2-lane bowling alley, full bar and disco."

Overheard: "Ugh! Global warming is really getting to me!"
Need: Outdoor misting system
Town: Sag Harbor
Price: MD-LD: $65,000
This house offers a third floor observation deck "surrounded by water on three sides to mention a wet bar and ice machine, misting system, and surround sound stereo."

Overheard: "Next week I'm going to roll a few with Tiger."
Need: Putting green
Town: Water Mill
Price: $800,000 (MD-LD)
This "truly remarkable property" offers a place to practice your puts.

Overheard: "I need to swim every day, rain or shine"
Need: Indoor pool
Town: Wainscott
Price: $450,000 (MD-LD)
After you've finished your laps for the day at this place, you can retire to the steam room or sauna.

Overheard: "Swish!"
Need: Basketball court
Town: North Haven
Price: Aug(-LD): $425,000
This "English-country-style manor" features an un-English outdoor basketball court.