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Comments of the Day

Weighing in on the rezoning of Cyril's, one commenter said, "As a neighbor, our objection is the rezoning. If these two properties are rezoned, there are others nearby (14 of them) that will probably ask to be rezoned - so there will be more businesses in the area. When we all bought our homes in the area, all the vacant parcels were residential. We don't want that changed. In other words, this sets a precedent." The next person replied: "I am no expert on the zoning laws, but it seems to me that on the Napeague stretch, it's pretty much divided 50/50 between homes directly on Montauk Highway, a bunch of condos on the south side, and restaurants/bars, and it has been that way for many years. Cyril's is not going anywhere soon. Someone is going to crash into a group of innocent people standing there. Shouldn't steps be taken to make sure that does not happen? We were all young and stupid once." [Curbed Comments]