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East Hampton's Lovely Chateau Amorois Still a Wallflower

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We've written about Chateau Amorois before. It's just so pretty, though, we think it's a shame it still hasn't found a buyer. Originally it was listed for $28.5M, then $26.95M, and now the price is a mere $22.95M. A Curbed reader told us originally that "This is a truly wonderful house that has the magic and elegance of a 5th Ave Coop with the grounds of a conservancy. It was built by Christopher Browne (a founder of the Tweedy Browne hedge fund empire) who actually planted the landscaping 10 years before the house was built. Sadly, Chris passed away two years ago but it is wonderful that he left this masterful property as one of his many legacies." We agree! The grounds are absolutely stunning and lush, with "rhododendrons and azaleas, kousa dogwoods, sweet bay magnolias, pear, cherry, yew and linden trees, and an 80 year old tanyosho pine." Won't some well-heeled buyer love this place?
• Listing: Chateau Amorois [Brown Harris Stevens]