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Cute Amagansett Farmhouse for $1.75M

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For once we agree with the brokerbabble: this Amagansett house is "totally charming." According to the listing, the dining room and kitchen "invite lively conversation." Truthfully, in our house "lively conversation" means "Uncle Steve is drunk and falling into the creamed spinach," but never mind that. For your $1.75 million you get a location "close to Amagansett Village, the ocean beach and transportation," four bedrooms and two baths, and a backyard with patio and outdoor shower, although we're not sure what the deal is with the "summer cottage/winter storage outbuilding." Maybe we'll shove Uncle Steve in the winter storage outbuilding if he doesn't lay off the sauce. Opinions? You know you've got them. Spill.
Laura Euler