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Canine Complaints: Messy Beaches

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The East Hampton Village Board is looking at the problems that arise from its fairly liberal canine beach policies. Despite $250 fines and with free plastic bags at the beach entrances, owners aren't removing dog mess, particularly in the winter.

Matt Norklun knows where to point the finger of blame for the scourge of dog droppings on the beach: Viagra commercials. Wait, what? At a recent East Hampton village board meeting, Norklun said "It's now fashionable to walk your dog on the beach. People saw a Viagra commercial, a Cialis commercial, and they say, 'I want to be that lifestyle. It's a mindset. "I know there's a difficulty in enforcing the law, but we have to change the mindset," he said.

The problem seems particularly bad at Main Beach, often cited as one of the best beaches in the United States. Deputy Mayor Barbara Borsack said she's not inclined to ban dogs from one beach and not another. Dog owners would just end of congregating at the other beaches, making the problems worse there, she said.

What do you, fine readers, propose we do about the problem?
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