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Rich People Agree to Fix Up Beaches

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Oceanfront property owners in Water Mill, Bridgehampton and Sagaponack voted Saturday to borrow $25 million for the restoration of six miles of severely eroded ocean beach. Two beach erosion control districts will raise the $25 million via bond; the money will paid back via increased property taxes over the next ten years on oceanfront property. About 2.5 million cubic yards of sand from the ocean floor will be pumped onto the beaches via a dredger a mile offshore. The beach profile will then resemble that from 1980, before a number of huge storms decimated the shoreline. It's expected that the beachfront, from Flying Point to the East Hampton Town border, which includes private and town land, will double in width, protecting not only oceanfront houses but also public assets like Sagg Main Beach. We hoi polloi thank our wealthy overlords.
· Oceanfront Residents Approve $25 Million Beach Rebuild [27 East]
Laura Euler