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The 2013 SUMMER RENTAL ROUNDUP: Southampton Edition

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231 Halsey Street, Southampton; Brown Harris Stevens
Price: $50,000 MD-LD
The Lowdown: This is an airy, delightful property in a nice location with a very appealing kitchen. For 50K, you get four bedrooms, four baths, and a third of an acre with an inviting gunite pool out back.

49 East Beach Drive, Southampton; Saunders
Price: $350,000 MD-LD
The Lowdown: If we had the dosh, we'd sit on that terrace and never leave all summer. That's after we arrived via seaplane, naturally. Your $350K buys you a summer in a 6000sf house with four bedrooms, 4.5 baths, that pool, forever vistas, and, of course, seaplane bragging rights.

Holy Crap!
396 Meadow Lane, Southampton; Sothebys
Price: $1,000,000 (MD-LD)
The Lowdown: Now, if you're like us, you're thinking to yourself, "This summer, I shall not settle for anything less than Ionic columns around my marble bath. No other order will do. I need my volutes." You're in luck, as long as you have a cool million for your rental. Take a look at 396 Meadow Lane: nine bedrooms, seven baths, 7000sf, pool with pool house, tennis court, all on 3.2 acres of the best real estate in the world. And those pink marble volutes sorted.