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Please Give a Warm Welcome to Laura Euler

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Please give a great East End welcome to Laura Euler, the new editor of Curbed Hamptons. Her first memory is of her mother cautioning her to stay away from a dead shark on the beach in Montauk. She grew up spending summers and holidays in her grandmother's cottage on Old Montauk Highway.

Laura worked for Microsoft for ten years after college; since then she's been a freelance writer and editor. Her books The Glasgow Style and the upcoming Arts & Crafts Embroidery are published by Schiffer. She's also written a memoir, One Hundred Summers in Montauk,, that is awaiting a publisher.

She lives on Long Island with her husband and two wisecracking teenagers and still spends as much time as possible in Montauk. Please make her feel comfortable and, of course, send her your tips.