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Historic Bridgehampton House Slated for Teardown

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This house, 7 School Street, is well-known to Bridgehampton residents. It is approximately 130 years old, built sometime between 1873 and 1894 on the northeast corner of School Street and Church Lane, right in the heart of Bridgehampton. It recently sold for 600K, after being offered at one point for $1.5 million.

The new owner has applied to tear it down. This seems like a shame, with the caveat that we at Curbed are unaware of the current condition of the structure. The house was built for William Schellinger (1840-1915) from an old East Hampton family. William was a farmer, the miller of Bridgehampton's Beebe windmill for several years, and the local mail carrier. An author writing in the Bridgehampton News wrote, "The mail came in at noon and one of the picturesque sights of the village was old Bill Schellinger the mail carrier, his long grey beard flapping in the breeze as he came along the street in a cloud of dust and drew up with a flourish at Hildreth and Hand's to deliver the mail from his old buckboard into the hands of Henry Squires the postmaster."

Modest houses like this one which speak of the past life of a town seem as worthy of preservation (if possible) as the larger houses such as Nathaniel Rogers House or Topping Rose house. Local residents Curbed spoke to will be sorry to see it go. Once gone, a house like this can never be replaced.
· 7 School Lane, Bridgehampton [Corcoran]