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$5M Compound's Guest Cottage Actually House in Disguise

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There's an old adage that guests of guests should not bring guests unless you have a guest house. Fortunate for us, this renovated 5-bedroom main house comes with its very own 3-bedroom guest cottage. Now, if a 3-bedroom guest cottage sounds suspicious, that's because it is. Turns out the guest cottage was actually just a regular house until it was annexed to the property in 2011. The owners of the main house paid $1.050 million for the little spoon, and then promptly freshened the place up. We imagine the makeover was very Pretty Woman, Richard Gere and all. It's the only way to explain the guest house's sparkling new kitchen and fresh décor. So how much for this dynamic duo? $4.995 million.
· 107, 103, and 111 Sayres Path [Corcoran]