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Craigslist Summer Rentals Check In

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As @TweetHampton reminded us this morning, summer is coming. To help our out of town readers, or perhaps ignite some ideas in our local friends, we've rounded up some of the top Craigslist summer rentals currently on offer.

· Totally normal listing especially good for dog friendly people. $4750 for a room
· A nice modern in Quogue with a tennis court and a child-proof fence to keep out those pesky neighborhood kids. $25,000 for whole house (just August-Labor Day)
· Traditional home, condiments included. Various rates
· PARTY HAUS! This one has an arcade machine, a jacuzzi, ice chest, four beer pong tables, sleeps about 15, garage fits 7 cars, massive TVs... $45,000 for main house
· Just June, but this home looks pretty lovely. Also, for 7 bedrooms this is a pretty great price. $12,000 for whole house (June)
· Live in a home that famous people have stepped foot in at one time or another. Seven bedrooms, hot tub, ping pong and more! $36,000 for whole house
· Dizzying. Various prices
· Pretty standard cute three bedroom in East Hampton. $13,000 for whole house (August to Labor Day)
· Chill four bedroom with a guitar and 50 foot pool. $46,000 for whole house (July-Labor Day)
· Save the creepy for last: sex slave/actual slave, must have car. Unclear on pricing