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Historic Lake Agawam Cottage Finally Sells with $4.3M Discount

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The year was 2011. The estate was Mocomanto (sounds like something you'd order at Starbucks). The 2.2-acre spread had just cropped up on the market with a $15 million price tag and hope in its eyes. With over 250' of waterfront, a great address, and classic interiors, one might've expected Mocomanto to sell pretty quickly. So not the case, though. It actually took well over a year and several 'chops before this place sold and closed. So what was the magic number? Records indicate $10.7 million—over $4 million less than the original asking price. The new owner's masked behind an LLC, but unless he or she turns out to be an E-ZPass-inventing U.S. Ambassador (like the original owner), we're not interested.
· Lake Agawam - Southampton [StreetEasy]