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Courtney Sale Ross asking $75M for her Georgica Pond Estate

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Courtney Sale Ross, the founder of East Hampton's fancy Ross School and widow of Time Warner magnate Steven J. Ross, is rumored to have just listed her Hamptons home for a staggering $75M. The technical real estate term for this is "redonkulous."

Details about the sale are light (Ross is apparently trying to sell it "quietly," which is fairly impossible to do in the Hamptons), but we know that the home sits on about 5.5 acres and has been described as "lovely, but not extravagant." The house is called Cody House (Cody was Steve's nickname for Courtney).

The sale of this home follows the sale of Ross' Manhattan duplex at 740 Park Avenue last year for $52.5M. Thankfully she has a philanthropic bent and will likely use all this freshly minted cash for the greater good.

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