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Another Gatsby Era Mansion Bites the Dust

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The seventh largest home in America, the 72,000sf Tudor-style mansion Inisfada (Gaelic for "Long Island"), located here on Long Island in North Hills, was almost half demolished by last Friday afternoon. Originally the home of philanthropists Nicholas and Genevieve Brady, the 87-room house was completed in 1920 and later used as a seminary and retreat by the Jesuits. It was sold in July for $36.5M in July by the New York group of Jesuit priests, who said they could no longer afford to keep it up.

According to Gary Lawrance, co-author of Houses of the Hamptons: 1880-1930, "From what I understand, there was a great effort to save it, but no one wanted to listen to alternate ideas. The property was zoned for various uses, but the Village of North Hills didn't want to make any changes." The 33 acre property is going to be turned into a development of upscale homes.