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Southampton's Toile House Strikes Back

Almost two years ago, the House of Toile made a That's Rather Hideous stir on Curbed Hamptons. "What's got us wide-eyed and mouth agape this morning are this home's completely insane interiors—specifically the bedrooms. This is the first (and most likely last) time in Curbed Hamptons history that that the question, 'Does the carpet match the drapes match the bedspread match the pillowcases match the valances match the lampshades match the sofa?' can not only be asked, but answered in the affirmative." Well, guess what's back and more expensive than it used to be! The price is as inexplicable as much of the rest of the place; back then, it was 725K; now it's $826,270. We think some wallpaper stripper and better taste could transform this house from You Can't Be Serious to This Charming House; now it's just up to someone to go for it.
· South of the Highway Carriage House [Sothebys via HREO]