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18 Months Later, $10M Cheaper and Still No Buyers

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When this 17,000sf, five-acre Further Lane behemoth hit the market back in March of 2012, it had an asking price of $44.9M. Despite the beautiful hand-milled woodwork, the nice features, and the generous size of both house and plot, we predicted that the house's lack of waterfront (ocean-, pond-, whatever) would hold it back, and we were right. Generally speaking, for that much moolah, a buyer wants some water. Now the ask is a much more sensible $35M. Commenters back in March 2012 thought that the house seemed well built and thought that $30-35M sounded about right. Another commenter wrote, ""It is very nice, good details, obviously well decorated, has nice Eastern views over protected land, but certainly not worth $45 million. As a reference, there is a large recently built Farrell House next door (but with a Cross Highway address) for $13 million. Obviously not as nice but the price difference between these two doesn't make sense. Fair estimate is $25 million given Further Lane address, house size (although sq ft probably includes basement), and quality of work here."
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