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Curbed Awards: Like a Bad Neighbor, These Folks Are There

It's time to make up a bunch of awards and hand them out to the most deserving people, places and things in the worlds of Hamptons real estate, architecture, and dining. That's right, it's time for the Third Annual Curbed Awards! Today's topic: love thy neighbor..

Some of Us Are Trying to Sleep, Mr. Leder!
Nonstop partying by Marc Leder in his rented house on Bay Lane in Water Mill, including a very loud July 4th blowout, annoyed neighbors so much they eventually got an injunction from Southampton Town to stop it. Undaunted, Leder moved the party to Miami for the autumn.

Hi, Calvin, Can We Borrow a Cup of Sugar?
Back in August, Calvin Klein was trying to get his new Meadow Lane glass house ready in time for a Labor Day housewarming. Everyone was dying to see the place, including his billionaire neighbors (David Koch? Leon Black? Henry Kravis?), who kept coming up the driveway to sneak a peek inside.

Hold Your Horses, Matt!
Matt Lauer bought a 40-acre former tree farm in Water Mill back in 2012 and now he's turning it into a horse farm. This year Lauer applied to build housing on the land for farm workers, angering his neighbors, who pointed out that In 2005 Southampton shelled out $3.6 million for the development rights to the land, which was supposed to remain strictly agricultural.

Enough, Cyril's!
In March, a huge crowd spoke out at an East Hampton Town Board meeting. Neighbors of Cyril's Fish House in Napeague strongly opposed its application to expand and rezone the land from residential to business. Concerns ranged from public safety, environmental impact from septic waste (currently, portable toilets are used), and setting a bad planning precedent. Locals said they were tired of the congestion and litter from the restaurant.

You'll Have to Drag Me Away!
We think the Bad Neighbor Award for 2013 has to be jointly awarded to Southampton residents Barbara Wilson and Tony Gugliotta, who managed to amuse everyone in the Hamptons last spring with their childish antics over a small piece of disputed property line involving Wilson's driveway. After Gugliotta threatened to tow away Wilson's SUV, Wilson then chained her pickup truck to her yellow Toyota SUV, and then chained both vehicles to her house.