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La Bella Giulietta and the Lovely Lutyens

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This fabulous bench is a witty reimagining of a classic. Designed by Paolo Rizzatto in 2003 as an update on the iconic Lutyens bench, Giulietta is made from polyethylene, rather than the original oak, so it can be left outdoors year round. In red, it's the kind of garden statement piece we love–no weeding or maintenance required! (It's also available in white for the less bold.)

Paolo Rizzatto is an award-winning Milanese architect and designer. He's designed for a hit parade of contemporary high-style European firms: Arteluce, Artemide, Luceplan, Alias, Cassina, Nemo, Molteni, Knoll, Kartell, Philips, Montina, Thonet and Guzzini.

All right, so then who was this Lutyens fellow? Well, he's often called the greatest English architect, although Christopher Wren would probably win in an arm-wrestle. (It's pronounced "lutchens," by the way.) He designed some great English country houses, swathes of London, the Cenotaph monument, and a little city called New Delhi you've probably heard of. He worked during the golden days when an architect could and did design every stick of furniture in a house; the bench shown here was designed for the garden of Little Thakeham, a country house built in 1902 in the Arts and Crafts style for a railway tycoon in Sussex, England.
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