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A Pool with Waterfall in Amagansett, House Included

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We can't help chuckling at this listing, and it's not just because we're hitting the eggnog earlier than usual. It starts out "Just North of South of the highway." So…north then. This property is "very close to both Amagansett Village and the ocean beaches." Well, given that Amagansett is pretty small, sure! The listing also features many pictures of the pool and waterfall, which are both attractive. Joking aside, what we can see of the house is also quite nice. It's a new build so quite possibly it's not finished, anyway. The house is 6250sf on 1.7 acres and borders a reserve. Price is $3.495M, which seems reasonable given the values of neighboring houses; the lot sold for $680K back in January.
· Amagansett North [Elliman]