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Bridgehampton Six-Bedroom Sells for $10.2M

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When this house debuted on the market back around Labor Day, we took note of the two and a half acres of really nicely landscaped property, with pool, tennis court, and outdoor grill area. The waterfront house is new-ish, built in 2005, with about 7000sf with six bedrooms and 5.5 baths. Commenter opinions were mixed: "The ceilings seem oppressively low and it is interesting how quickly these McMansion interiors can look dated." "Old house built on a creek. Land worth 5mm. House worth 2mm. Tennis worth 100k. Pool worth 50k. Landscaping worth 200k. Will trade for less than 8mm." "I think it's lovely. Elegant in an understated way and warm. It needs just a bit of POP. Some large colorful artwork perhaps. And living on a tidal creek is very nice. If you've never had the opportunity, it's hard to understand but the wildlife is something to see." Someone took a shine to it, because it sold for only $800K under asking fairly quickly.
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