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Our 2013 Billionaire of the Year Steven A. Cohen

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It's time to make up a bunch of awards and hand them out to the most deserving people, places and things in the worlds of Hamptons real estate, architecture, and dining. That's right, it's time for the Third Annual Curbed Awards! Today's topic: Billionaire of the Year.

Here in the Hamptons, there are so many billionaires making so much newsfrom Ron Perelman having a hissy fit at Larry Gagosian, from Leslie Alexander spending $5 million to turn a Bridgehampton potato barn into Société du Vin, to Carl Icahn and Daniel Loeb feuding with Bill Ackman—it's hard to choose just one to award the coveted title of Curbed Hamptons Billionaire of the Year.

But in the end, one man stood out. The award goes to Steven A. Cohen, the $1.2-billion-SEC-insider-trading-fine-paying, $150-million-Picasso-purchasing, $62.5-million-Further-Lane-estate-buying hedge funder. Round of applause, please!

The Mr. Congeniality award goes to Marc Leder of Sun Capital, whose Water Mill hard partying ways could only be stopped by the long arm of the law. First Runner Up and Mr. Photogenic, of course, goes to our beloved Stewie Rah Rah. Take heart, Stewie. If the winner, for any reason, cannot fulfill his duties as Curbed Hamptons Billionaire of the Year, the first runner-up will then assume the title.

Well done, gentlemen, and here's to 2014!