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The Nomos Table by Starchitect Norman Foster

Architects these days don't just confine themselves to buildings; in their spare time they also design furniture. British architect Norman Foster is probably most famous for the Gherkin in London, but he's also worked on Wembley Stadium, the Reichstag and the New York Public Library. Early in his career he designed Skybreak House, the 1960s house pictured in A Clockwork Orange where Alex and his droogs are pictured bursting in.

Since he's obviously too busy to design you a house right now, how about this desk/table he designed back in the 80s instead? It's flexible—you can come up with your own arrangement of legs and top. The most striking thing about it, of course, is the struts and pads of the legs, which are usually likened to the Apollo lunar lander, but Foster has also compared the table to a grasshopper. It's called Nomos, the term for "law" or "custom" in ancient Greek philosophy. The design is now in the permanent collections of many museums.
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