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Buy This Southampton Ranch with Bitcoins

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This may be one of the first opportunities anyone's had for purchasing real property with Bitcoins. (What is a Bitcoin? It is an international unit of value not tied to any one currency or bank. The value of a Bitcoin fluctuates wildly, more so than ordinary currencies.) accepts Bitcoins for payment, as does aggregator Reddit and Virgin Galactic. The seller of this house says he will also accept dollars and a combination of currency and bitcoins. The asking price is $799,000, which translates to 1430 Bitcoins at the time of writing (morning, 12/18/13). For that, you get a four bedroom house with a separate dock on Big Fresh Pond; the property, which is about .46 of an acre, also sports its own small pond. Start mining now!
· 4 Bedroom House with Separate Dock On Big Fresh Pond [BHS]