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$3.3M Water Mill Property Hopes You Like Antique Barnwood

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We actually do quite like antique barnwood, but in every single room, it gets a little same-y. At least this 2400sf house is authentic: it was built using reclaimed antique barns. There's a double-height living room, dining room, kitchen, and three bedrooms, all featuring—wait for it—antique barnwood on the walls. The plot is one acre, and there's a very pretty and private pool sited next to towering spruce trees. As for the location, the brokerbabble states, "Wonderful south location abutting Bridgehampton and village so minutes to shops, the best restaurants and the infamous Candy Kitchen Diner." Note to real estate agents: "infamous" is still not a synonym for "famous."
· Simplicity at its Best [Corcoran]