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Which Building Will House Your New Restaurant?

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Two restaurant venues have come up for sale recently--44 Three Mile Harbor Road, East Hampton, which housed Sienna Restaurant and Ultralounge this summer, and 268 Elm Street, Southampton, home to Delmonico's. (What does the future hold for these restaurants? We reached out to their PR and they're staying mum.)

In Southampton, $4.595M buys you a 4317sf building on .40 acres of prime village street. The restaurant part seats 80 inside and 50 outside; upstairs, there's a three-bedroom apartment with two baths and a kitchen.

The East Hampton property is larger than the Southampton one, but the location isn't as prime. For $3.65M, you get .80 acre of land with a 5000sf building. The restaurant part seats 100 and there's a separate part that is operated as a club/lounge. Alternatively, you could remodel it into a retail business—there's also plenty of parking.
Listing via Saunders & Associates. Contact broker Lee Minetree. [S&A official]
· Southampton Village Property [Halstead via HREO]