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Readers: Buh-Bye, Bambi

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Both the town and village of East Hampton will be culling the local deer population, although some local residents are upset about it. Not most Curbed Hamptons readers, though! DTinMTK writes, "I am in full support of using hunting as a means to control the deer herd. The EH town has opened up more Town land for hunters, which is great, but those smart and highly adaptive creatures now clearly have found that they can hide out undisturbed in neighborhoods, many of which provide a free salad bar (landscaping) too!" Greycell points out, "Seems to me like [the deer] were forced out of their home by our need to build a house on every square foot of developable land out here. Kinda not fair that now they have to get shot over it." Another commenter wrote, "With respect to the link between deer and Lyme vs other animals as vectors, Shelter Island studies show that tick populations are substantially reduced with the introduction of the deer feeding 'posts.' This is conclusive that deer are an important influence. Again, there are other arguments against the posts, but throwing up one's hands because field mice or something also carry ticks is not the informed person's argument."
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