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Try 'The Board' Bloody Bar at Nick & Toni's This Fall

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We loooove Bloody Marys, and now at Nick & Ton's, we can make them exactly as we like them. The Board is a drink, snack and activity all in one! Try adding some extra kick to your Absolut with more hot sauce, or throw a mozzarella ball in there for the hell of it. The Board is $29 and serves two to four.

Start with liquor, of course. Choose one:
Absolut vodka
House-infused sweet pepper, onion & basil Absolut
House-infused hot pepper & peppercorn Absolut
Maestro Dobel tequila

Next, time for some mix. Choose one:
Nick & Toni's organic Bloody Mary mix
Knudsen's organic tomato juice

Here comes the fun part—garnishes! Go to town here.
Horman's best pickles and stuffed olives,
Fresh carrots, cucumber and red peppers
Ciliegine mozzarella balls and mortadella cubes

Don't forget condiments.
Horseradish, Old Bay, Cholula, Tabasco, sea salt & fresh cracked pepper

The pickled ramps were made in house from this spring's ramp harvest and the restaurant will be rotating in pickled green garlic from the garden. The other pickles and olives come from Horman's Best pickles, which you see at the farmers markets all over in the summer. There will be a rotation of items. On the horizon are some cured meats, different cheeses and house-made hot sauces. Yummm.
· Nick & Toni's [Official site]