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Update: The Tale of Gin Lane

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We recently brought you the tale of two sister properties on the highly coveted Gin Lane in Southampton. We were rooting for some Wall Street hotshot or Hollywood mogul to buy 436 Gin Lane and 450 Gin Lane and combine them for a house that would rival even the craziest enclaves in the Hamptons. Our motives were not exactly pure. Our next step was to get on said guest list for some Gatsby-worthy throw downs. All of this fodder is for naught, because 450 Gin Lane was snapped up for a staggering $19.9M. Now, 436 Gin Lane stands alone and was recently slashed by $3.45M (that's a whooping 13.8% off the original price tag). Currently listed at $21.5M, we are wondering how the market will react. In the Hamptons, it's hard to put a price on beachfront living, but our dear Pricechopper is a great equalizer.
· Gin Lane [Corcoran]