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East Hampton's Arc House Can Now Be Your Hideout for Less!

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What's the best thing about the Arc House?
• It was designed by world-renowned architect Maziar Behrooz
• The amazing suspended staircase
• It looks like the lair of a Bond villain
• It's now a million dollars cheaper than when we last checked in!

Bond villain, of course, but the other three things are pretty great as well. When we last looked at this house it was asking $4.995M; now the price is a paltry $3.95M. Heck, we Bond villians usually have our minions carry that much in loose change.

The house was built in 2010. The main living space is huge—30 by 60 feet with 16' ceilings at the apex. (The space totals 6000 square feet.) The finishes—applewood, limestone, black walnut, sycamore—are all first rate. There's an art gallery space with a custom hanging system; flexible rooms that could be used as bedrooms, a screening room, or an office; and a sunken courtyard. Everything is ready for you to move in—just start practicing "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!" now.
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