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Relive the Reagan Years? No Thanks, You Say

Commenters were underwhelmed with the East Hampton 80s house, although one thought, "Hey, that Mylar balloon is killin' it." "It is a constant source of wonderment to me that people actually live like this, and yet expect that the house will sell at a price close to asking, which in this instance is insane. The listing broker needs to strongly suggest a trip to West Elm and get this place cleaned up." Notgonna wrote, "Leaves all over the driveway, two TVs in the living room, complete disarray. It looks filthy, and the folding card table and cheap furniture make the place look totally trashy. I don't blame the owners for their bad taste, I blame the agent for highlighting and publishing it, then asking $3M." while another commenter also complained about the broker. "I understand the eat what you kill aspect of the business, but a mess like this placed on the market and wrongly priced and poorly marketed does a huge disservice to the potential sellers, in my opinion."
· Relive the Reagan Years in this $2.975M East Hampton Abode [Curbed Hamptons]