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Hamptons Summer Rentals Catering to Four-legged Friends

Everyone loves their pets, and if possible, we'd like to bring them along on our summer rentals, so we've rounded up a bunch of houses to let for the summer that cater to our hooved, finned, and furry friends.

Amenity: Stabling
Town: Water Mill
Price: $199,000 (MD-LD)
This "award-winning chateau" (a log chateau?) has a stall "available for your use." Actually, we're planning to sleep in the house, but our horse can probably use the stall.

Amenity: Invisible fencing
Town: East Hampton
Price: $120,000 (MD-LD)
This "charming cottage built in 2005 to the highest standard" offers security, a fenced pool area, and invisible dog fencing around the property.

Amenity: Fenced-in dog run
Town: Southampton
Price: $65,000 (MD-LD)
If you'd rather have actual fencing than invisible fencing, this house "located close to everything the village has to offer" features a fenced-in run for Fido.

Amenity: Near dog park
Town: Springs
Price: $30,000 (Aug-LD)
This "pet friendly" four bedroom home is right near the Springs dog park.

Amenity: Dog door
Town: East Hampton
Price: $21,000 (July-LD)
This "adorable and cozy" four bedroom has a dog door and "invisible." We assume they mean fencing, but who knows what it could be? It's invisible!

Amenity:Koi pond
Town: Amagansett
Price: $475,000 (July-LD)
Finally, for those of us whose friends are finned, this "modern, private and bucolic oceanfront" house in Amagansett offers "a beautiful stocked koi pond with a running stream."
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