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The Cheapest to Most Expensive Rentals at the Panoramic View

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Today for Renters Week, we thought we would take a look at the price differential for vacation rentals in one complex. The Panoramic View in Montauk has been mired in controversy ever since it was taken over by Distinctive Ventures, but it still offers some nice options for a summer spent on the Montauk oceanfront.

Cheapest: $59,000 MD-LD
Your first and cheapest option for summer 2014 is this one bedroom unit. It's pretty basic and small at 350sf, but it does have a terrace, and it offers the same pretty swanky resort amenities as the more expensive units, including use the of the pool, daily maid service, porters, beach attendants, pool attendants, business center and fitness center. And it's the same beautiful beach.

Medium Priced: $85,000 for MD-LD
The medium priced option is this cute two-bedroom 2.5 bath cottage. It's 2113sf, with a cozy living room with fireplace.

Obviously this cottage isn't newly renovated and luxurious like the one below, but despite that we think this is the best value for money.

Most Expensive: $150,000 MD-LD
The most expensive option is about the same size as the previous cottage, with two bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and 2133sf. It's been recently renovated and the place is luxurious and impressive, with a beautiful bathroom

and a nice kitchen.

And the rental price reflects that.
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