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Is the Owner Just Fussy, Or Do They Have Some Dark Secrets?

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Yeah…after reading through all the requirements here, we're pretty sure the owner probably is either the fussiest human on earth, or has some bad stuff going down s/he doesn't want other people to know about.

Artists, writers, musicians, poets, runners, cyclists, gardeners and individuals focused on living a consciously aware lifestyle encouraged to respond. House Etiquette

1. Please refrain from smoking anything anywhere on the property. Non-smokers are strongly encouraged to respond to this listing.
2. Small well-behaved dogs are welcome with pre-approval by owner + non-refundable cleaning fee. All owners are required to immediately pick up after their pet when in the fenced back yard. No pets are allowed to run freely in the front yard. Dogs are not allowed alone in the house at any time. All pets must be up-to-date on vaccinations and be under flea protection (Frontline, K9 Advantix, etc.)
3. There is limited use of the vegetarian kitchen including refrigerator and pantry storage. Preparation of meat or fish is only allowed on the outdoor BBQ.

4. Alcoholic beverages consumed on property only upon prior approval from host.
5. Headsets are required for all media devices.
6. Guests are politely requested to adjust voice level to protect the serenity of the environment and privacy of others.
7. This is an eco friendly home. We ask that you conserve energy by turning off unnecessary lights when leaving the room, keeping individual room heater usage to a minimum, and properly disposing of recyclable rubbish. We are happy to inform you of the weather conditions for your impending stay to facilitate proper wardrobe choices.
8. Outdoor shoes/boots are kindly left at the front door.
9. When sharing a bath, personal toiletries are kept in the room. We also request as a courtesy to other guests, you dry hair and apply makeup in your room. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful awareness.