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Beautiful Georgica Traditional Home for $10.5M

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The best real estate listings allow us to sneak glimpses at other people's lives. Barbara Goldsmith, the writer owner of this lovely Georgica house, clearly is an interesting person, at least according to her possessions: Fledermaus chairs, tramp art boxes, and a Victorian Gothic sideboard. The house itself is a 5000sf traditional style with five bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms set on 1.1 acre. The interiors, decorated by Mica Ertegun, are gracious and elegant yet accessible. We love the kitchen with a Garland stove (for serious cooks) and a black stainless range hood. Outside, the pool really does look (at least in the picture) like a natural pond. Next to it is a pool house with a bar with refrigerator and icemaker, a bathroom and changing room, and a heated outdoor rain shower. Over the detached garage is a two bedroom cottage with its own generator.
· A Georgica Estate [Saunders]