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Million Dollar Hamptons Summer Rentals

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The Hamptons is the proud home of the million-dollar summer rental. Since you as a hedge funder, Russian oligarch, or A-list rapper of course have one million or so to drop on your vacation house next year, assuming Wall Street stays hot, you evade the polonium-equipped assassins on your trail, and/or your next album doesn't bomb, you're planning to snap up one of them. Let's look at some of your options for summer 2014.

535 and 533 Flying Point Road, Water Mill, BHS
Your first option is this eight-bedroom, four-acre compound in Water Mill. "A spectacular 14,000+/- sf manor, 50'x20' heated gunite pool, luxurious pool house with outdoor kitchen and bar on 1.9+/- acre. Tennis court with Hydrocourt system and a 3-bedroom, 2 and one-half bathroom guest house on the adjacent 2.1+/- acres."
Hedgies: This is the place for you. It's low key, elegant, and there's room in the guest house for your peons spending the weekend working.
Oligarchs: Pass. Not defensible enough to foil the assassins, though the guest house does offer room for security.
Rappers: Pass. Not impressive enough.

396 Meadow Lane, Southampton, Sothebys
Your second option is this oceanfront house in Southampton. There's nine bedrooms, seven baths, 7000sf, pool with pool house, tennis court, all on 3.2 acres; the interiors are kind of French and fussy.
Hedgies: Maybe. The house is impressive but the French-style interiors might ping the radar of stuffy WASP Wall Streeters.
Oligarchs: Go for it! This house's setting is defensible from many sides. Plus the French style interiors ought to make you happy.
Rappers: Maybe. Still, could be blingier.

315 Rose Hill Road, Water Mill, Elliman
The next rental is slightly less expensive than a mil, at 895K for the summer. Keep in mind, though, last year, Rose Hill was offered at $1.2M for the season, so it's cheeeeeap now. The 20,000sf house features twenty-first century technology including state-of-the-art security and a Crestron entertainment system. Retire to the "grand master suite," four guest suites, three staff bedrooms and eight fireplaces with antique mantels.
Hedgies: Pass. PASS.
Oligarchs: Worth a look. Supplement that "state-of-the-art security" with some burly Cossacks with semi-automatics.
Rappers: We had you at "staircase in cast bronze and silver & gold leaf," didn't we? Don't forget the "Crestron entertainment system," though.
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