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Real Estate Agents' Tips for First-time Buyers

The Movoto blog surveyed a whole bunch of real estate agents for their best tips for first time home buyers. These range from setting expectations, to considering whether it's better to rent or own (guess what the real estate agents advise?), how to choose an agent, why an agent is beneficial, the buying process, and so on. Some of the tips are obvious and frankly kind of lame, like "Purchase a home that you can afford" (gee, thanks), but others, like "Make sure you know what you want before starting the buying process," are useful. Others we don't agree with, such as "Buy the 'most house' that you can comfortably buy, and, even perhaps, push yourself to the limit of your pre-approved amount. Thus, you will be satisfied with your purchase for a longer period of time." But it's worth taking a look.
· 64 Tips For First Time Home Buyers [Movoto]