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Another Scheffer Cottage in Amagansett Dunes for $1.595M

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Two days ago we wrote about a cottage designed by 1940s East Hampton architect Alfred Scheffer. This is another Scheffer cottage, which used to be the guest house for Mr. Scheffer's own home. It was recently renovated (under the guidance of Mr. Scheffer's nephew, who stayed in the cottage in years past) to remove traces of an inappropriate 1980s remodel with 80s horrors like plastic tubs. This house is a similar size to the other one (1400sf, three bedrooms, two baths), but it is on quite a large plot for the Amagansett Dunes, at .53 acre. We prefer the untouched vintage state of the other cottage, but this place is extremely appealing, with living spaces opened up and painted white. Stone has been used in the kitchen and baths, and there's more stone outside with a 1200sf patio surrounded by pretty flower gardens.
· Amagansett Dunes [Elliman]