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Photographer Cindy Sherman's Springs Abode Exposed in AD

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While Cindy Sherman in the art world is known for artifice—presenting her own mien in different guises over and over—of her ten acre property in Springs, pictured in December's Architectural Digest, she says, "It's all about nature here." She purchased the house about two years ago, moving from Sag Harbor. The property consists of a main house, built in the 1830s or 40s, and two barns. Sherman says, "I wanted to do as little as possible, to preserve the character that attracted me in the first place." She hired designer Billy Cotton to work on the project, attracted by the undecorated look of a friend's house he had worked on. The result is this "bohemian-luxe" retreat that pairs Palissy plates in the kitchen with modern stools, and in the living room, a Noguchi light with a decoupage side table covered in yearbook photos.
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