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Bayfront Tuckahoe Six-Bedroom Has First Visit to Pricechopper

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This house does have a great location—it's surrounded almost entirely by water (730 feet of waterfront), and that water is the bay, so hopefully the house won't be blown away in the next hurricane. Inside, the most striking thing is the view of the water from each room, which is fantastic. Decoratively, the house has a semi-rustic thing going on that frankly doesn't appeal to us, but some interesting art and furniture will add charm. (And what's with that tiny freestanding tub?) There's a pool outside and a dock, but no tennis court. Price was $7.8M; after almost five months on the market, the price has been dropped to $6.5M. Will that attract a well-heeled buyer? Stay tuned.
· Extraordinary Peninsula Bayfront w/Dock [Sotheby's]