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Daniels Lane Estate with Amazing Amenities Sells for $15.5M

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We think whoever bought this place got a good deal (the asking price was $17.995M). While the gambrel style isn't our favorite, we can't help being charmed by the fake-thatch-style roof. And the 1.5 acre property is not oceanfront, but does offer unobstructed ocean views over farmland. Inside is all perfect 2013 taste, with features galore: two-car garage with two-car lift system, six fireplaces, three laundry rooms. There are seven bedrooms on three floors with an elevator and a rooftop widow's walk with a wet bar. Outside there's a barbeque with fireplace, and a sunken all-weather tennis court with basketball system. The pool is amazing: a 60' salt beach entry pool with glass tiled spa and two pool houses. Why two? Why not, we say. Of course, the location is superb: overlooking preserved fields running down to the ocean. And the owner can easily stroll next door to that nice Mr. Rennert's to borrow a cup of sugar.
· Sagaponack South with Ocean Views [Saunders]