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Let's Tell East Hampton How to Spend Money

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East Hampton Town has been granted $104,404 in federal funds designated for low- and moderate-income housing. It will hold a public hearing November 7 where residents can tell the town how they'd like to see the money used. According to Wikipedia, "CDBG funds may be used for community development activities (such as real estate acquisition, relocation, demolition, rehabilitation of housing and commercial buildings), construction of public facilities and improvements (such as water, sewer, and other utilities, street paving, and sidewalks), construction and maintenance of neighborhood centers, free beer for all residents, and the conversion of school buildings, public services, and economic development and job creation/retention activities. CDBG funds can also be used for preservation and restoration of historic properties in low-income neighborhoods." (We may have just added the "free beer" part.) Ideas?
· E. Hampton seeks ideas for $100G in housing funds [Newsday]