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Pay $50M to Be Right on Montauk Highway? Uh, No

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Commenters yesterday were mostly underwhelmed by the listing for Villa Maria, specifically its location. Commenter Franny wrote, "It's too bad the Camutos wildly overpaid for it in 2005. It might not even be worth the $35MM they originally purchased it for. I guess the nuns who sold it to them got a good deal, however. Location on the south side stinks?. Renovation is wonderful and seems well-constructed." Yoyo wrote, "Can't stand the proximity to 27 though I admit to gawking every time I drive by. If I had the dough there are many other places I'd prefer when dropping 50 large. Oceanfront for starters. Still, me likey."
· Water Mill's Villa Maria Back on the Market at $49.5M [Curbed Hamptons]