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Four Months, Four Million Off This 33-Acre Sagg Pond Estate

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The brokerbabble says for this listing says, "Timing is everything, and the time has come for you to own this magnificent 33 acre estate on famed Sagg Pond with ocean views." It's now ten million cheaper since hitting the market 16 months ago. Back in June, we opined that this place was "a little bit less batshit insanely expensive" when six million dollars was shaved off the asking price. It's even less expensive now—this time four million has been lopped off the ask of this 11,000 sq. ft. traditional. As we noted last year, this place has everything. Limestone entry hall? Yup. Soaring ceilings? Obviously. Separate workout studio? Check. Fireplaces galore! But as before, the best part is the size of the property. 33 acres! That includes "19 acres to the left of the driveway [which] are preserves." Much of the nearby beach also happens to be protected.
· 33 Waterfront Acres In Sagaponack South [Corcoran]