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Snap Up Barn Style off Sagg Main for $15.75M

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We quite like the modern barn styling of this house and that the grounds give views of "40 acres of farm fields that is slated to become an agricultural reserve." (Hopefully that "slated" goes through!) The property comes fully furnished, styled by an Architectural Digest Top 100 interior designer and has "been featured in many publications." We're wondering how many zebras gave their lives for this interior—seriously, ease up on the zebra rugs. Love the classical bust with coral on the stone mantel, though. For your almost $16-mil, you get one acre of Sagaponack, walk to the ocean, and a house with five bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms and 5000sf of living space. Outside, there's a pool but no tennis court.
· One of a Kind Property Designed by Top Interior Designer [Nest Seekers via HREO]