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Be the Master of Bridgehampton's Lockwood Manor for $7.5M

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Lockwood Manor was originally commissioned by Hamptons Cottages and Gardens magazine for the 2005 HC&G Idea House. Architect Hugh Huddleson used the footprint of a 200-year-old Mulford barn as the basis for his design. The property, which is 3.7 acres, offers views of the Sagaponack Wildlife Reserve. The architect also designed the unusual 40' square pool.

Inside, the 7800sf main house is terrifically stylish, as you'd expect—we'd make an offer for it fully furnished and move right in. (Love the Cole & Sons Woods wallpaper in one bathroom and the Tord Boontje Garland lights.) There are eight en-suite bedrooms (one of which is in the separate but connected guest house) and two half baths. The Poliform kitchen is a little stark for our tastes, but a lot of people like that sleek Italian look.

The house was originally listed at $15M, but after a series of pricechops is down to $7.5M, which seems very reasonable. Please note: droit de seigneur is not included in the price.
· 113 Lockwood Avenue Bridgehampton [Elliman]