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Inside Jerry Seinfeld's Further Lane Mansion

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The latest InStyle magazine contains a pictorial about the "laid-back" Further Lane mansion of Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld. Judging by the pictures, the place does have an informal, bland Pottery Barn kind of vibe. Jessica told the magazine, "When it came to decorating the place, I wanted to avoid any feeling of fussiness—Jerry and I are the least formal people." (Sometimes we wish a celebrity would say, "I love to decorate fussily, as I am a formal person. I need at least three liveried footmen on duty at all times.") Above is the kitchen with the whole family; below is the sunroom, which Jessica calls "party central." InStyle also adds some cooking tidbits, such as that for Jerry's favorite baked noodles and cheese, "Jessica advises using high-quality cheeses for the most gourmet results." That's why she's written several cookbooks and you haven't, folks.
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