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Five-Acre Water Mill Property Ups Its Ask by 50%

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We featured this five-acre compound on Pricespotter back in June 2012, when two readers correctly guessed the $7.995M pricetag. Then we wrote: "Now the important part: Getting someone to, you know, actually pay that." Well, nobody did. But that was then, and this is now. Now the price is $11.950M. Er?what? No one's buying, so increase the price by 50%? We'll have to add this to the big list of Life's Eternal Mysteries.

As before, there's a lot to like about this seven-bedroom, 11.5-bath property. As the listing says, the property "gives new meaning to the words of privacy, opulence, luxury and tranquility." The brokerbabble is strong in this one. "Very rarely does a property of this nature become available to change hands to the owner who wants it all." There's an elevator to all three floors, cinema room, a pool with poolhouse, guest cottage, tennis court, and an outdoor kitchen. Now the important part: getting someone to, you know, actually pay $11.95M.
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